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Operative Neurosurgery

Operative Neurosurgery, Volume II, presents the major neurosurgical procedures in- volving the posterior fossa, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. As in Volume I, the text describes and the figures illustrate the step-by-step surgical technique. Emphasis is placed on anatomical topographie views of the operative exposure as seen by the surgeon. The contents have been arranged on the basis of anatomicallocation rather than etiology. Although this book is primarily based on the experience of the neurosurgical service at Walter Reed General Hospital, its content reflects only the views of the author and does not proport to reflect any official position of the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense. Volume II is available at this time because of the tireless efforts of my associate, Major GARY D. VANDERARK, Assistant Chief of Neurosurgery Service, Walter Reed General Hospital. His critical review and support in every aspect of this work are grate- fully acknowledged. I also wish to thank Mr. HANs BRANDT of Heidelberg, Germany, who again has demonstrated his great talent in medical artistry. His enduring enthusiasm has also shortened the length of time necessary to prepare this volume. Throughout my military surgical career and especially in the preparation of this work, I have received the unceasing support and encouragement of Lt. Gen. LEONARD D. HEAToN; Surgeon Generar"e; of the V.S. Army. My thanks are extended to this master teacher and surgeon.

Author: Ludwig G. Kempe
ISBN: 9783662126318

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