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Pathology of the Medical Kidney

Non-neoplastic diseases are the focus of coverage in this issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics. Topics include: Non-neoplastic diseases in kidney cancer; Nephrectomy for non-neoplastic causes; Autopsy renal pathology; Practical approach to kidney donation workup; Kidney allograft pathology; Renal infections; Amyloidosis – all subtypes; Histologic classifications in renal pathology – pros and cons; Renal molecular pathology; Emerging concepts and controversies in renal pathology. This issue is intended for surgical pathologists and those with clinical practices in diagnostic renal pathology and kidney research. Anthony Chang, whose clinical practice and research is focused on renal pathology, leads this issue.

Author: Anthony Chang
ISBN: 9780323323475

Format: PDF
Size: 22.17 Mb


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