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21St-Century Miracle Medicine

}The emerging picture of medicine looks gloriously sunny for the 21st century, promising untold rewards for humanitys future health. The 20th century, in contrast, has proved disappointing in eradicating disease. Surgery today, still in the Dark Ages, relies on scalpels and other such Medieval tools. Is the end of illness within our grasp for the next century?Alexandra Wykea correspondent for The Economist and one of the worlds most experienced medical journaliststraveled the globe in search of an answer to the future of medicine. She interviewed the most celebrated and innovative doctors, researchers, and medical scientists, and visited their laboratories. What she discovered is revealed in this astonishing work through her observant eye and splendid prose. Cancer, heart disease, and devastating ailments, she predicts, will be blights of the past.One of the greatest revolutions in medicine will be created by the advances in computers and telecommunications. Surgery, we learn, will be performed from afar. After too many years, medicine is at long last poised to absorb and exploit the triumphs of the computer and the information revolution.This comprehensive, must read book not only illuminates the seemingly miraculous cures and advances that may soon prevail, but delineates how this wealth of stunning innovation will serve to shake up and streamline the entire health care industry.Wyke introduces us to the wonders that await us: } *Special cocktails will counteract heart disease and eradicate genetic ailments *Energy beams will search out and destroy malignant cells *Robots will perform surgery with speed and precision *Gizmos on our wrists will monitor our blood for trouble before it happens *Top-level expertise will be delivered worldwide..

Author: Alexandra Wyke
ISBN: 9780306455650
Pages: 352
Format: PDF
Size: 36.80 Mb


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