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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common presenting complaints, can be extremely debilitating and carries enormous economic costs. In 70% of cases, however, no obvious cause is apparent. This makes a thorough history and skilled physical examination essential toidentifying the cause of symptoms and developing an effective therapeutic plan. This fully revised second edition of Fast Facts: Low Back Pain is the work of two leading experts. It equips the general healthcare professional with the knowledge and skill required to accurately assess each individual patient and offer the appropriate therapeutic choices for maximum pain relief. – Detailed exploration of the clinical assessment, including history taking, the ‘red flags’ to watch out for, physical observations and gait assessment, psychological considerations, palpation, and neurological and muscle testing. – Expert guidance on the appropriate therapeutic approach for optimal pain relief, covering conservative management, injections and surgical options. – Therapeutic exercises for pain relief and progressive restoration of function.- Maintenance exercises for posture correction, overall stretching and conditioning, andthe avoidance of back strain. All healthcare professionals who evaluate patients with back pain, or who have back pain themselves, will benefit from the thoughtful information and excellent illustrations presented in this comprehensive handbook.

Author: David G. Borenstein, Andrei Calin, David G. Borenstein
ISBN: 9781908541109
Pages: 143
Format: PDF
Size: 12.66 Mb


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