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Atlas of Ear, Nose and Throat Pathology

Many pathologists have little acquaintance with ear, nose concomitant biopsy have become commonplace in the and throat pathology. Some receive few specimens from management of throat disorders. It is hoped that. by ENT tissues; others are deterred from deeper study of the publication of this Atlas, pathologists receiving only material that emanates from regions the normal anatomy occasional specimens will be guided in their provision of of which is so forbidding in its complexity and holds no a report helpful to the clinician and those who are involved familiarity through autopsy investigation, for, apart from with a larger ENT service may be providec with a guide the larynx, there is usually no compelling indication for to the deeper understanding of the subject. examination of the ear, nose or throat at postmortem. Yet.The modern tendency in publication of ristopatholog- equally with biopsy specimens from other parts of the ical microphotographs is to omit any statement of their body, the pathologist’s report is consequential for the magnification, since it will usually be clear to the reader efficient handling of ear, nose and throat illnesses and what order of enlargement is involved. I n this Atlas, sometimes even for the patient’s survival.

Author: Leslie Michaels
ISBN: 9789401068123

Format: PDF
Size: 12.79 Mb


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