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Outcomes Measures in Plastic Surgery

Outcomes …familiar in medicine fields, but only in recent decades becoming more of an issue for surgeons …the highly subspecialized nature of the surgical profession and breadth of procedures along with variance in patient population creates a challenge in achieving useful, informative outcomes. Here, in this issue of Clinics in Plastic Surgery, the focus is on evidence-based practice and outcomes in plastic surgery, spanning the major areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Outcomes as guidance for the surgeon’s decision regarding approaches and techniques for procedures is the approach. Some of the topics covered are: Measuring Outcomes in Aesthetic Surgery; Measuring Outcomes in Craniofacial and Pediatric Surgery; Measuring Outcomes in Hand Surgery; How to Link Outcomes Data to Quality Initiatives in Plastic Surgery; along with How to Use the Outcomes Questionnaire, Pearls and Pitfalls; among others. Guest Editors Kevin Chung and Andrea Pusic lead this review. Dr.Chung is involved with structuring evidence-based practice and research in hand surgery to derive the best evidence to guide treatment for upper extremity conditions and he developed the Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire. Dr Pusic developed the BREAST-Q, which measures satisfaction and quality-of-life outcomes among breast reconstruction patients. Out of the BREAST-Q has come the FACE-Q, which provides a clinically useful patient-reported outcome measure of satisfaction and quality of life following elective surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Author: Kevin C. Chung, Andrea L. Pusic, Kevin C. Chung
ISBN: 9781455771417
Pages: 361
Format: PDF
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