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Bladder Augmentation

Reconstruction of the bladder is an important technique in children with congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary tract and following bladder cancer or trauma. Bladder augmentation and urinary diversion can also be used for the treatment of the small volume and/or high pressure bladder to decrease the risk of renal injury and for the amelioration of urinary incontinence. “Bladder Augmentation” provides an overview of the recent advances in this specialty and related bladder management, involving detailed operative descriptions and insights into the prospect of a favourable outcome. Although providing up-to-the-minute information on the options and techniques of new procedures, this book also challenges and evaluates established methods. All methods of bladder augmentation in current clinical use are covered in this volume. Each chapter contains historical background for the procedure, indications for intervention, detailed description of operative technique with high-quality illustrations and identification and prevention of complications.

Author: Paddy Dewan, Michael E. Mitchell, Paddy Dewan
ISBN: 9780340759578

Format: PDF
Size: 37.86 Mb


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