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At a time when prevalance of osteoarthritis (failure of the joint) is increasing with an aging population it is timely to review the latest evidence and management strategies for optimal treatment of patients with this, the most common joint disease of mankind. A number of exciting new developments related to etiopathogenesis and management make it highly desirable at this time to publish a fully comprehensive authorative discussion of the risk factors, mechanisms of joint damage, clinical aspects, differential diagnosis and treatment of OA. A review of the current understanding of the management of this disorder and of the basic mechanisms involved provides the rationale for publication of this new fully-updated edition. The book looks at the mechanisms for joint failure and how this may be due to abnormal cartilage or disease in underlying tissue. Significant coverage is given to exciting new evidence on disease-modifying drugs and methodologies for their outcomes evaluation. It is becoming increasingly recognised that optimal management of osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive program involving drugs and nonmedicinal components and, in some cases, surgery.Chapters on both non-surgical and surgical therapy are contained in the management section. The full coverage given in this book allows the physician to consider and choose the right blend of treatment for each patient from the range available whether physical, pharmacologic, surgical or supportive. The book is sympathetic to the significant differences that often exist between the perception of the patient and that of the physician regarding what’s important in treatment and coverage is therefore given to the outcome measures needed for optimal evaluation of both. Highly illustrated in full colour throughout this difinative text is written principally for the clinical rheumatologists, although primary care physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, allied health professionals, basic researchers, members of the pharmaceutical industry who are involved in drug research and development, and regulatory staff also should find it useful.

Author: Kenneth D. Brandt, Michael Doherty, L. Stefan Lohmander
ISBN: 9780198509677
Pages: 511
Format: PDF
Size: 30.06 Mb


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