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Surgical Treatment of Anal Incontinence

New surgical techniques for the treatment of anal incontinence have given the increasing number of afflicted patients hope for a cure. Colorectal surgeons and more and more general surgeons are performing operations, yet until now they have not had a text that they can use as a reference work. The guidance and instruction that surgeons need are now available in this atlas. It describes every operation in technical detail, and the two-color illustrations clearly show the essential points of each procedure. The authors discuss thoroughly the indications for surgical treatment, its application to the individual patient, and post-operative care. The comprehensive scope of this book makes it a rich source of information for surgeons working outside highly specialized centers. For specialists, it is the only practical reference available on the subject.

Author: Richard E. Glass
ISBN: 9781447109358

Format: PDF
Size: 31.87 Mb


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