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Retinal Detachment Surgery

Recent developments in the field of retinal detachment surgery have called for a substantial revision of the previous edition of this text. The most significant advances have focused around the increased use of pars plana vitrectomy and of various intraocular gases. The illustrations have also been improved, including more colour material, and the references have been revised and supplemented where indicated. The basic format of the first edition has, nevertheless, been adhered to: namely, a concise textbook on retinal detachment surgery which will enable the reader to attain a sequential approach to the examination and treatment of patients with retinal detachment. The clear presentation will benefit those in training as well as the more experienced general ophthalmologist who normally does not specialize in vitreo-retinal surgery, but who has to cope with retinal detachment surgical problems.

Author: Anthony H. Chignell
ISBN: 9781447116219

Format: PDF
Size: 16.15 Mb


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