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Vascular Emergencies

Approximately 40 per cent of vascular surgical practices are determined by vascular emergencies, hence a major volume on this subject is a valuable addition to the literature. As a multi-contributor project, this text is able to draw on the expertise of a wide number of internationally renowned practitioners, providing a comprehensive compilation of urgent and emergency vascular problems, the majority of which will be applicable to every vascular surgical practice. The text provides extensive coverage of the more common vascular pathologies such as acute limb ischemia, venous emergencies and arterial occlusion, while also devoting considerable space to less frequent, yet equally challenging situations, such as blunt trauma of the carotid artery and stab wounds to the base of the neck. A number of new insights are provided, for example, the utility of endovascular approaches to the rupture of the abdominal aorta as opposed to the traditional surgical intervention. Authors also explore the contribution of underlying pathologies such as peripheral aneurysms and diabetes to emergency situations.A range of surgical, endovascular and thrombolytic therapies are covered, alongside an appreciation of the wider bioethical concerns relevant to vascular emergencies.

Author: Alain Branchereau, Michael Jacobs
ISBN: 9781405103879
Pages: 372
Format: PDF
Size: 25.20 Mb


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