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Angiography of the Upper Extremity

Over the last few decades, angiography has devel- careful analysis of his angiographic findings and a oped enormously and an extensive literature has very thorough description of vascular anatomy been published on the subject. In the last few and its many variants. The extensive clinical ma- years, the number of publications has decreased terial also enables him to indicate those circum- because the applications of this diagnostic method stances in which angiography can make an impor- seem to have been almost fully explored. tant contribution to diagnosis. One of the applications for which this statement This monograph deserves the attention of all who might not be true is angiography of the upper ex- are interested in the anatomy and pathology of the tremity. The clinical interest for this field has nev- arm and the hand, and is particularly intended for er been as great as for other parts of the body. radiodiagnosticians and surgeons. In Maastricht, Janevski was able to accumulate an A. E. VAN VOORTHUISEN, M.D.

Author: Blagoja K. Janevski
ISBN: 9789024726844

Format: PDF
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