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Get Through Mrcpsych Part 1

This is an essential revision tool for all candidates preparing for the MRCPsych Part 1 examination. The OSCE (observed structured clinical examination) was introduced by the MRCPsych examiners in Spring 2003 to test clinical and communication skills. This book provides a broad variety of OSCE questions and answers based on syllabus topics and has been prepared using past papers. It offers helpful hints and tips on what to expect and how to negotiate the examination successfully.Topics featured include: A.extracting patient history A.eliciting symptoms, e.g. hallucinatory, delusions, anxiety, depression, etc. A.explaining mental illness to the patient, their relatives and carers A.starting a patient on a new drug, e.g. atypical antipsychotics, antidementia, depot medication A.physical examinations, e.g. cardiovascular and respiratory, mental state, cranial nerves, opiate withdrawal, eating disorder, etc . A.risk assessment, e.g. suicide, puerperal disorder A.ECT electrode placement A.rapid tranquilizationThis book will not only prepare you for the examination but will also help you face clinical situations confidently and effectively. The author, Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy, recently passed the MRCPsych Part 1 and is currently based at the North Essex Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Colchester, UK.”

Author: Royal Society of Medicine
ISBN: 9781853155901

Format: PDF
Size: 28.16 Mb


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