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Internal Fixation of Small Fractures

The second English-language edition of the Small Fragment Set Manual was enthusiastically received and quickly went into a second printing. In preparing a third edition, we found it necessary to revise the text extensively and partly restructure it. The reasons for this are numerous. Experience of recent years has brought technical refinements in the operative treatment of many types of small fracture. Many of these changes stem from the small-fragment-set training programs conducted in Switzerland since 1980, and also from courses and symposia that have been held in other European countries and the United States. These events were occasions for a fruitful ex- change of experience with surgeons who were critical of our methods. As a result of this exchange, we perceived a need both to revise our indications and to give greater attention to alternative techniques. We also felt it necessary to respond to criticisms of the first two editions concerning the catalog-like instrument lists and illustrations, and the attention given to fundamental techniques. Many surgeons who work or would like to work with small implants, especially those practicing abroad, are inexperienced in operations on the larger bones. It is imperative that these colleagues be given a basic introduction to the "e;biomechanical thinking"e; of the Swiss Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF).

Author: Urs Heim, Karl M. Pfeiffer
ISBN: 9783642726149

Format: PDF
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