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Anatomy in Surgery

In this book on surgical anatomy, the author ter of the illustrations are in color-a feature has deviated considerably from the usual plan which adds greatly to their value. and has presented the material with a stronger Anatomy is an important phase of surgery surgical viewpoint. Obviously, it will appeal and is very necessary in the training of a sur- primarily to surgeons and particularly to those geon. Years ago it was perhaps overempha- in training because operative technic is in- sized in the prerequisites of a surgeon. During cluded with the anatomy. The entire body is recent years when a knowledge of physiology covered in the anatomic discussion and the was found to be so important to the surgeon, principles of technic described for the impor- anatomy has to a great extent been neglected. tant operations. This method of presentation The pendulum is threatening to swing too far of anatomic data has an obvious advantage and give the young surgeon the idea that he in that it correlates the anatomy with the tech- need not spend time on anatomy.The time nical phase of surgery; without question, the will never come when anatomy will be unim- young surgeon will find that this integration portant to the surgeon; the young surgeon will make it much easier for him to remember must always appreciate this. It may be safe the important anatomic details.

Author: Philip Thorek, Carl T. Linden, Nancy Swan
ISBN: 9781461382881

Format: PDF
Size: 34.30 Mb


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