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Pelvic Pain

Over the last ten years, and after treating nearly 6,000 patients, physiotherapist Peter Dornan has found that many conditions that may have resisted traditional medical intervention such as: pain in the scrotum, labia, perineum or anorectal region, penis; dysuria (painful urination); urinary and faecal urge incontinence; pain during or after ejaculation; sexual and erectile dysfunction; are often associated with pelvic girdle dysfunction involving the sacroiliac joint. In this book he outlines methods and evidence-based treatment for the dysfunction and management of symptoms, using helpful illustrations and photos to highlight the concepts and techniques that are covered. Pelvic Pain: a Musculosketal Approach for Treatment will prove useful to patients as well as health professionals who have an interest in pelvic pain, particularly musculoskeletal therapists.

Author: Peter Dornan
ISBN: 9781922117366
Pages: 64
Format: PDF
Size: 14.74 Mb


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