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Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist

Otology as a branch of general Otolaryngology deals with symptoms that are commonly seen in many practices such as hearing loss, balance issues and dizziness, cholesteatoma, and ear infections, and these topics are covered in great detail in Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist. This book is designed to be a useful reference for the practicing Otolaryngologist, but is also appropriate for the ENT resident, medical student, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist dealing with dizziness. It is also a helpful study tool on otology related topics for the otolaryngology boards. Key Features: Contains clinical and surgical pearls for otologic procedures Describes commonly used techniques for tympanoplasty, ossicular chain reconstruction, stapedectomy Covers commonly used treatment options for patients presenting with dizziness Discusses facial nerve testing and pathology in succinct and to the point manner

Author: Seilesh Babu
ISBN: 9781597562546
Pages: 325
Format: PDF
Size: 11.40 Mb


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