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This issue of Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America, edited by Adam Berger, is devoted to Melanoma. Articles in this issue include: Current Staging and Prognostic Factors in Melanoma; Melanoma Pathology; Surgical Treatment of Primary and Recurrent Melanoma; Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Its Importance for Melanoma in the 21st Century; Lymph Node Dissection for Stage 3 Melanoma; Metastasectomy for Stage IV Melanoma; Local/Injectional Therapies for Satellite and In-Transit Disease; Regional Therapies for In-Transit Disease; Role for Radiation Therapy in Melanoma; Update on Immunotherapy for Melanoma; Targeted Therapies in Melanoma; and Evidence for Long-Term Follow-up of Melanoma Patients.

Author: Adam C. Berger
ISBN: 9780323359870

Format: PDF
Size: 19.24 Mb


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