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Basic Principles of Knee Arthroscopy

No one suspected in the mid-1970s that endo- time mastering video arthroscopy. The older generation must overcome the problems of scopic visualization of the joints would devel- op so swiftly into the class of operative proce- working abstractly “off the screen” without dures known as arthroscopic surgery. In the looking directly at the joint itself. German-speaking countries arthroscopy was Particular difficulties are encountered by limited in the 1970s to a few operators who colleagues who are faced with the need to underwent a “natural” learning process in- perform arthroscopic surgery but are not fa- volving arthroscopic inspection, confirmation miliar with diagnostic arthroscopy. Unlike by arthrotomy, and use of the arthroscope to their predecessors, they can no longer follow verify clinical diagnoses. Video technology the natural process of “learning by doing.” was not available, so an assistant wanting to They cannot contemplate the joint pathology view the joint interior had to peer through an displayed on the monitor and then check their accessory eyepiece. arthroscopic findings in an open arthrotomy.

Author: Michael J. Strobel
ISBN: 9783642763311
Pages: 253
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