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Perioperative Practice

Written by experienced nurse lecturers and a theatre nurse, Perioperative Practice highlights and explains the biological processes which can be disrupted by a major surgical procedure. Using the concept of homeostasis as a framework, the authors look at issues common to all surgical procedures such as the influence of anaesthesia on the nervous system or perioperative pain management. Individual chapters cover:the human body and principles of homeostasisthe surgical approach and endoscopic proceduresperioperative influences on body fluid homeostasisperioperative influences on immunological homeostasis and wound healingperioperative influences on cardiovascular homeostasis perioperative influences on respiratory homeostasis anaesthesia, stress and surgerypain and pain relief in the perioperative patient.Generously illustrated in colour and black and white, the text features further learning activities and useful summaries of key points. It provides an important resource and supporting text for all nurses undertaking courses in theatre work or related areas or already working in such areas.

Author: Nicola Baird, John Clancy, Andrew McVicar
ISBN: 9781134570188

Format: PDF
Size: 10.98 Mb


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