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Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction

From evaluation to outcome, “Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction” will help you keep pace with the latest techniques for the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries. This text provides the most complete and up-to-date information for the surgical reconstruction of a torn ACL including details about the advanced double bundle procedure. Both American and international perspectives on the treatment of ACL injuries are included to provide the most comprehensive review available on the market today.Inside this richly illustrated text, Drs. Freddie H. Fu and Steven B. Cohen along with contributions from the world’s most experienced knee surgeons provide the basic science, kinematic, imaging, and injury patterns surrounding the ACL. Surgical concepts, various techniques for reconstruction, and diverse opinions on approaching the ACL are also included. “Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction” explains the anatomical scientific basis in order to provide the most current surgical principles to ensure the patient receives the best surgical outcomes.To reflect recent advancements in ACL treatment, the emerging double bundle technique is comprehensively covered.The differences between the single and double bundle techniques are discussed with an outlook from leading international experts in double bundle reconstruction. An accompanying video CD-ROM demonstrates and supports various procedures mentioned throughout the text.In addition, several of the world’s most experienced surgeons provide their perspective from what they have learned by completing ACL surgery for over 25 years, along with their insight into the future treatment of ACL injuries.This book will help you learn about: differences between single and double reconstruction techniques; pediatric ACL reconstruction; gender differences in ACL injury; radiographic imaging; computer navigation assistance for ACL reconstruction; injury patterns of the ACL; graft choices in ACL surgery; revision ACL surgery; postoperative rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction; and, outcome measures to assess success after surgery.”Current Concepts in ACL Reconstruction” answers the need for a comprehensive information source on the treatment of ACL injuries. Orthopedic residents and surgeons will be prepared with this thorough review of ACL reconstruction by their side.

Author: Freddie H. Fu, Steven B. Cohen, Freddie H. Fu
ISBN: 9781556428135
Pages: 441
Format: PDF
Size: 13.53 Mb


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