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Er Radiology: Trauma Trainer DVD

This DVD-ROM represents a remarkable tool for orthopedists and radiologists in training or those who deal with skeletal x-rays.

With over 1,600 radiographs, the program shows first of all the most important skeletal landmarks in normal X-rays, then in a training mode the most important pathologic findings.

The main feature of this DVD-ROM is a simulation of the diagnostic process at the light box: hundreds of cases are provided in sequence, and the viewer is challenged to either determine that the image is normal (shows no sign of fracture), or in fact shows sign of trauma. The viewer must either click on the area that he or she believes to be pathological, or click further if the case is believed to be normal. Appropriate feedback is then given. This situation mimics very closely the busy emergency room setting.

The program is highly effective and very user-friendly.

System requirements: PC with Pentium-compatible processor 650 Mhz (1.5 GHz recommended)

128 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

32-bit graphics (True-color) resolution 1024×768 pixels (1280×1024 recommended)

10MB free hard disc storage space (3GB for full installation)

DVD drive


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Internet connection recommended.

Author: Ackerman, O. Ackerman, Ole Ackermann
ISBN: 9781604060157

Format: PDF
Size: 22.40 Mb


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