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Manual of Endocrine Surgery

ment of those endocrine diseases encountered by the general surgeon. Opera- tions on the pituitary gland are, therefore, specifically excluded. It should be most useful to general surgical residents and practicing surgeons, but we hope it will also prove useful to the wide range of physicians who deal with surgically correctable endocrine disorders. The book has four sections – Surgery of the Parathyroids, Thyroid, Pan- creas, and Adrenals. Each section deals in a systematic manner with practical aspects of surgical anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. Specific attention has been given to a detailed description of operative strategy, operative technique, and postoperative management. Individual operative steps are illustrated in full color, with specific figure legends on facing pages. The artwork represents the distillation of twelve months intensive collabora- tion between the authors and a staff of medical illustrators to ‘ensure anatomic fidelity and clarity. We believe that the use of full color has opened up a new dimension in surgical illustration by providing greater realism and allowing accent of important features. The techniques described herein represent personal preferences. The authors recognize that there may be several satisfactory alternate approaches in every case. Where there is controversy, we have outlined our approach to the problem somewhat dogmatically in the belief that in certain circumstances a single point of view is better than several without selection.

Author: A.J. Edis, L.A. Ayala, R.H. Egdahl
ISBN: 9781475711592

Format: PDF
Size: 19.06 Mb


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