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Orthopedics Illustrated

This highly illustrated second edition serves as a revision aid for postgraduate students, bringing them fully up to date with the latest trends in orthopaedics. Divided into two sections, the first part describes traumatic orthopaedics (fractures, dislocations etc) and the second part, non-traumatic orthopaedics (bone tumour, bone tuberculosis, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders etc). This edition includes a new chapter on prostheses, orthoses and physiotherapy, giving students an understanding of the essential features of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Each chapter is full of illustrative diagrams and flowcharts, tables and useful mnemonics to assist learning. Key points * Fully updated orthopaedics revision aid for postgraduate students * Covers both traumatic and non-traumatic conditions and disorders * Highly illustrated, more than 730 full colour diagrams, flowcharts, tables and mnemonics * Includes new chapter on rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Author: R. K. Gupta
ISBN: 9789350251096
Pages: 248
Format: PDF
Size: 29.63 Mb


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