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Vascular CT Angiography Manual

Despite the exponential growth in the use of peripheral CTA in the diagnosis and follow-up of vascular disease patients, practical sources from which to gain valuable expertise in this field remain scarce. There is becoming a great need for experts in the field of peripheral CTA, yet learning this imaging modality may be intimidating and time consuming. Very few if any, small, concise and portable books exist to ease training in this field and current books in this field are overwhelming, difficult to manage, text books that often combine CTA and MRI. A so called "e; how to manual"e; and reference guide to explain this technique from beginning to end, which compiles valuable, and difficult to obtain clinical pearls and descriptions of disease processes will be of tremendous value. The Peripheral CT Angiography Manual aims to make learning this intimidating technique and the diseases for which it applies simple and fun.

Author: Robert Pelberg, Wojciech Mazur
ISBN: 9781849962605

Format: PDF
Size: 35.91 Mb


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