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Spinal Cord Dysfunction

The first volume of Spinal Cord Dysfunction addressed the problems of assessment of function with particular reference to plasticity in the central nervous system. The second volume was concerned with early intervention and treatment, including the prevention of secondary pathological events following spinal cord injury. In this volume, restoration of function after spinal cord damage is seen from the point of view of identification of impaired or absent function in nerve cells and processes which survive after the initial insult, intact but with impaired function. The theoretical premise that part of the neurological deficit produced by a lesion is due to altered function in the intact nervous system is examined and the effect of peripheral and central functional stimulation is described in chapters by international authorities in their field. The first part of the book deals with theoretical, experimental and mathematical aspects. The second and third parts are concerned with peripheral and central functional stimulation, and the volume concludes with pharmacological modulation.

Author: L. S. Illis
ISBN: 9780192619198

Format: PDF
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