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Hip Resurfacing With Metal-metal Articulation

Hip resurfacing is a new and exciting development, and a superior alternative to hip replacement. While hip replacement gives reasonably good results in elderly inactive people, the outcomes obtained using this technique in active young people are inferior. Following hip replacement, activities are restricted and sports and games are not permitted. In some patients, there is a risk of dislocation of replaced joint. The new technique gains wide interest from the public as this is a new option for hip replacement in younger and active patients. Many patients worldwide have undergone hip resurfacing and are enjoying the effective benefits of the metal-metal hip resurfacing technique. All new procedures have difficulties and this book identifies the challenges and points the way forward. Other books on hip resurfacing surgery are available; they are, however, written by experts with a single perspective. This book is the result of an open meeting where all the various manufacturers and users of current designs were invited for a frank and public discussion.

Author: James Richardson
ISBN: 9789814277341
Pages: 350
Format: PDF
Size: 29.27 Mb


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