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A comprehensive guide empowering TMJ sufferers to uncover and treat this prevalent, often misdiagnosed ailment that plagues an estimated fifty million Americans. Many of us have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders without knowing it. Several seemingly unrelated conditions may indicate a jaw dysfunction. For instance, do you suffer from one or more of the following? Jaw fatigue upon awakening from sleep; Unexplained headaches; Unexplained pain in or above the ears; Clicking or popping of the jaw; Grinding or clenching of teeth; Ringing or hissing in the ears; Deviation of jaw movement when opening the mouth; Excessive wearing down of the teeth; Unexplained dizziness. These and other signs should alert you that you may be pursuing a cure for a misdiagnosed condition that could be costing unnecessary time and expense as well as unwarranted medical tests and/or dental work. The author combines his extensive personal clinical experience with adjunctive therapies to help readers arrive at a treatment fitting their own circumstances. The role of muscles, joints, stress, tension, accidents, nutrition, dentistry and posture are among some of the topics explored.

Author: Greg Goddard
ISBN: 9780943358352

Format: PDF
Size: 32.23 Mb


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