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Endovascular Skills

Endovascular Skills: Guidewire and Catheter Skills for Endovascular Surgery, Third Edition is the go-to guide for training in minimally invasive vascular surgery. A well-organized progression of topics mirrors the clinician’s own progression of skill advancement in an easy-to-read text supported by clear, simple line drawings, making it a superb reference for the seasoned and novice practitioner alike. Topics include: * Carbon dioxide angiography and intravascular ultrasound * Advanced endovascular skills and therapy * Advanced techniques, tools, and devices * Tibial arteries * Room set-up and case preparation * Inventory acquisition and management * Peri-procedural management * New tools and devices and how to use them * Advanced imaging techniques * Cryoplasty, antherectomy, stent-grafting, and subintimal angioplasty

Author: Peter A. Schneider
ISBN: 9781420069372
Pages: 471
Format: PDF
Size: 38.17 Mb


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