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The Art Amd Craft of Facial Rejuvenation

The authors of The Art and Craft of Facial Rejuvenation , all highly respected surgeons and teachers in the field, have presented those essential techniques and procedures that constitute the heart of the specialty. Their descriptions enable the experienced surgeon to accurately reproduce each technique, and they answer the student’s key question: How do you really do it? The backbone of this book is the detailed intraoperative photography and drawings illustrating each chapter. These images depict all important maneuvers and cover every important step of the operation for the best possible reproducibility of the surgery described. Only procedures that have been proven in the authors’ hands to reliably generate excellent results over many years were selected, from facelift to blepharoplasty to skin resurfacing, resulting in a book that will provide a solid foundation for residents, fellows, and practicing surgeons with an interest in facial rejuvenation surgery. Key Selling Features: William E. Walsh, who has contributed illustrations to augment the photographs, is himself a talented facial plastic surgeon.The illustrations communicate his deep understanding of the anatomy and techniques. Sliding genioplasty and oriental blepharoplasty chapters were written by invited contributors Edward W. Chang and Samuel M. Lam. Exact details, such as the precise way the instrument is maneuvered, the exact suture needle required, the best strategy to avoid imperfections, are provided to enable the reader to reproduce the described surgical techniques in every detail.

Author: Wayne Larrabee
ISBN: 9781607951872

Format: PDF
Size: 15.73 Mb


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