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Reoperative Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reoperative Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery has long been regarded as the gold standard for secondary surgery, the best place to find full coverage of the entire spectrum of reoperative scenarios encountered by plastic surgeons. A valued resource for surgeons seeking solutions to common surgical problems, it is filled with clinical insights for both experienced practitioners and residents studying for the boards. Presented by the world’s foremost plastic surgeons, the book covers the range of scenarios requiring reoperation: staged procedures, revision of unsatisfactory results, refinements and finesse procedures, recurrence of disease, changes associated with aging, and complications. Readers will appreciate its logical, thorough instructions for dozens of procedures addressing the head and neck, breast and chest wall, trunk, and extremities. The semi-atlas format features steps described and illustrated along with special tips, cautions, and clinical caveats needed for unusual situations or to manage possible complications.The book includes detailed discussions of the common reasons for reoperation, crucial anatomic considerations, patient evaluation, and timing of reoperation. One chapter delves into the special psychological challenges presented by the reoperative patient with strategies for management. Another on reoperative rhytidectomy covers new developments in face-lift surgery with attention given to facial shaping, scar concealment, hairline restoration, and midface rejuvenation. Two DVDs with operative videos supplement the text.

Author: James C. Grotting
ISBN: 9781576261804

Format: PDF
Size: 10.50 Mb


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