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3D Imaging Technologies for Facial Plastic Surgery

In this title, a global pool of surgeons and researchers using 3-dimensional imaging for facial plastic surgery present topics on: Image fusion in pre-operative planning; The use of 3D imaging tools including stereolithographic modeling and intraoperative navigation for maxillo-mandibular and complex orbital reconstruction; Custom-made, three-dimensional, intraoperative surgical guides for nasal reconstruction; The benefits and limits of using an integrated 3D virtual approach for maxillofacial surgery; 3D volume assessment techniques and computer-aided design and manufacturing for pre-operative fabrication of implants in head and neck reconstruction; and, A comparison of different new 3D imaging technologies in facial plastic surgery.This title also presents topics on: 3-D photography in the objective analysis of volume augmentation including fat augmentation and dermal fillers; Assessment of different rhinoplasty techniques by overlay of before and after 3D images; 3D volumetric analysis of combined facial lifting and volumizing (volume enhancement); 3-D facial measurements and perceptions of attractiveness; Teaching 3-D sculpting to Facial Plastic Surgeons, 3-D insights on aesthetics; Creation of the virtual patient for the study of facial morphology; 3-dimensional video analysis of facial movement; and, 3D modeling of the behavior of facial soft tissues for understanding facial plastic surgery interventions.

Author: John Pallanch
ISBN: 9781455704453

Format: PDF
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