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Vascular Surgical Approaches

More than just a translation from the acclaimed French work “Voies d’Abord des Vaisseaux”, this revised and updated second edition re-examines the current problems and practices facing today’s vascular surgeons. Each chapter has been updated or completely rewritten to reflect the needs of the current practice of vascular surgery. The contributing authors were selected for their world-wide surgical expertise, reflecting both a European and North American view; they share with the senior editors a vision of surgical technique as an important ‘everyday’ resource.Each of more than 30 chapters is dedicated to finding the best approach to a specific vein, artery, or other site, with emphasis placed on thorough technical knowledge. With more than 80 illustrations new to this book, over 350 total illustrations provide excellent visual reference to the accompanying text. When appropriate, international anatomic nomenclature is used to guarantee a clear understanding of the material.Because it deals with both basic and advanced techniques, this book will prove useful for vascular surgeons still in training, as well as those more experienced surgeons wishing to consult a definitive reference work. Any physician or surgeon interested in furthering their knowledge of invasive vascular and endovascular surgery would also benefit by reading this work.

Author: Alain Branchereau, Ramon Berguer, Alain Branchereau
ISBN: 9780879936648
Pages: 331
Format: PDF
Size: 23.69 Mb


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