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Pocket Orthopaedic Surgery

Pocket Orthopaedics is your go-to resource for the essential orthopaedic information you need in a high-yield, easy-to-use format. Concise and well organized, it provides must-know information on the pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria, and medical and surgical treatment of common orthopaedic surgery pathologies. This pocket-sized powerhouse delivers highly relevant orthopaedic coverage in an easily portable source, making reference quick and easy. Key Features:*Find what you need quickly thanks to concise text and bulleted lists throughout.*Get the most important, highly relevant facts on physical exam findings, radiographic and advanced imaging findings, differential diagnosis, nonoperative and operative management, postoperative rehabilitation, and more.*Stay up to date on every subspecialty area, including trauma, sports medicine, shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle, spine, tumors, and pediatrics.*Explore key topics more fully by consulting handy references to classic and recent relevant literature regarding diagnosis and management.

Author: Jay (Jamal) Boughanem, Ritesh R. Shah, Jay (Jamal) Boughanem
ISBN: 9781451185669

Format: PDF
Size: 38.27 Mb


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