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Tips & Tricks in Orthopedic Surgery

Tips & Tricks in Orthopedic Surgery provides comprehensive guidance for identifying and treating orthopaedic injuries. Each of the 46 topics is covered in depth, aiding orthopaedic surgeons, consultants, residents, fellows and postgraduate students in formulating appropriate diagnoses and selecting treatment modalities. Each chapter discusses a different type of orthopaedic injury and provides a step-by-step guide to its diagnosis, imaging modality, treatment, complications and management. The range of topics covered includes fractures of shoulder and humerus, supracondylar humerus, lateral end of clavicle, transphyseal distal humerus and capitellum, medial epicondyle, radial neck and olecranon, neck of femur, tibial condyle and ankle injuries. A chapter on emergency room technique includes cases on various presentations. Mechanical aspects of operative methods and patient positioning for imaging modalities are also an integral part of Tips & Tricks in Orthopedic Surgery. 775 images enhance the information provided in this extensive guide.Key Points * Coverage of a wide range of fractures and injuries * Includes chapter on emergency room procedure *775 full colour and black and white images

Author: Ajit N. Damle
ISBN: 9789351524847
Pages: 576
Format: PDF
Size: 22.88 Mb


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