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Pocket Atlas of Skeletal Age

8-‘1 Anatomy 10-73 Skeletal age of boys 74-129 Skeletal age of girls Introduction The reason for publishing this Pocket Atlas of Skeletal Age was, despite the existance of several standard texts on the subject, the lack of a practical guide for a rapid orientation. The well known reference books are generally difficult to use, Having no practical divisions, the e books are rather useless if a quick interpretation is needed. The photographs in these works are often not clear, whilst frequenth’ the skeletal age of the same child is followed, whereby small individual differences are not taken into consideration. This Pocket Atlas is based on a large series of children. It is of handy pocket-size with a firm binding. The application of a special new technique has resulted in attractive, clear photographs, and this together with a brief, schematic text guarantees a rapid orientation for practical purposes. 7 Anatomy I. Radius 2. Processus styloideus radii 3. Ulna 4. Processus styloideus ulnae 5. Os scaphoideum Os lunatum 6. 7. Os triquetrum Os pisiforme 8. Os trapezium 9. 10. Os trapezoideum li. Os capitatum 12. Os hamatum 13. Hamulus ossis hamati 14-18. Ossa metacarpalia I-V 19-23. Phalanges proximales 24-27. Phalanges mediae 28-32. Phalanges distales 33. Ossa sesamoidea 34. Articulatio radiocarpea 35. Articulatio carpometacarpea pollicis 36. Articulationes metacarpophalangeae 37. Articulatio interphalangea proximalis indicis 38. Articulationes interphalangeae distales pollicis et indicis 8 rv#-,””- ….: . f. /il M. ‘”;.I ‘ -=::: ….;…, .’ /,” . / 4; . . ..”

Author: T. De Roo, H. J. Schrc6der, H. J. Schrader
ISBN: 9789024719334
Pages: 132
Format: PDF
Size: 31.36 Mb


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