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Tissue Nutrition and Viability

Recent research, especially in fields of orthopaedic surgery and rehabilita- tion, point to the importance of periodic, moderate stress for maintaining normal structure and function of tissues. Moreover, growth and healing of load-bearing tissues such as bone, cartilage, and intervertebral disc are especially dependent upon stress-related stimuli. Extreme levels of stress, however, are usually detrimental to tissue integrity, and most treatment regimens today address problems related to trauma and other conditions of abnormally high stress. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to bring together experts in fields of tissue nutrition and growth in order to review previous work and examine new ideas and results concerning the importance of mechanical stress in tissues. This book is unique in that the topic of tissue nutrition and growth, especially related to possible benefits of periodic moderate stress, has never been addressed comprehensively, drawing together experts on vari- ous tissues and organs.One objective is to focus attention on tissue nutrition where controversy still exists regarding basic mechanisms of metabolite transport and fluid homeostasis within the interstitium. An- other objective is to examine the pathophysiology of tissue compression and discuss strategies to improve viability. Tissues which are treated in this book include bone, cartilage, intervertebral disc, lung, nerve, skeletal muscle, umbilical cord, synovium, skin, and subcutaneous tissues. Based upon these objectives, this book is primarily addressed to students, inves- tigators, and teachers in fields of physiology, biochemistry, biomechan- ics, exercise, orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

Author: Alan R. Hargens
ISBN: 9781468406313

Format: PDF
Size: 33.00 Mb


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