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Emergencies in ENT

This practical handbook adopts a unique symptom-wise approach to the commonly encountered emergencies in ENT. The author has largely drawn from her own experiences of working as an ENT specialist in both a tertiary care centre as well as a secondary care hospital. The emphasis is on accurate bedside history-taking and examination for making a diagnosis. Where applicable, the abnormality to be identified on an X-ray or CT scan has been highlighted and illustrated. The acute management of emergency cases is supplemented with recommendations for further investigation and treatment. The book is amply illustrated and has numerous flow charts and boxes for systematic evaluation and treatment. This handbook should be useful not only for undergraduate and postgraduate students of ENT but also for the practising ENT specialist. It will also serve as a handy reference guide to the lone doctor practising in a small centre with limited facilities.

Author: Rupa Vedantam
ISBN: 9788181930477
Pages: 140
Format: PDF
Size: 15.67 Mb


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