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Moyamoya Disease

Moyamoya Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment covers the key clinical disciplines involved in managing patients with moyamoya disease, including diagnostic work up, imaging, neurocognitive evaluation, and surgical options for pediatric and adult patients. The text and accompanying videos provide neurosurgeons and other health professionals treating Moyamoya patients with all the information they need to make the right diagnostic and surgical decisions. Key Features: * Includes online access to videos and animations, narrated by Dr. Wanebo, demonstrating surgical techniques discussed in the book* Written and edited by world-renowned experts at the Barrow Neurological Institute and other centers of excellence focused on Moyamoya* Covers these dynamic topics in Moyamoya: cortical microvasculature, genetics, neuropsychiatric evaluation, and endovascular therapy* Contains detailed illustrations and descriptions of technical aspects of treatment such as the direct and indirect methods of revascularization All neurosurgeons and neurologists caring for Moyamoya patients will find this book to be an important reference that they will consult often in their daily practice.

Author: John E. Wanebo, Nadia Khan, Joseph Zabramski
ISBN: 9781604067309
Pages: 199
Format: PDF
Size: 23.16 Mb


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