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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Pressure Ulcers

This abundantly illustrated guide, based on work at the renowned Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, describes and depicts operative techniques for the treatment of the devastating wounds caused by pressure ulcers. Comprehensive information is provided on the surgical anatomy and the variety of wounds that may be encountered. In addition, interventions in patients with complicated ulcers are discussed. Pressure ulcer is a topic of growing importance in the fields of plastic surgery, surgical education, and physical therapy – and also has important psychosocial, medicolegal, and cost management implications. Readers will find Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Pressure Ulcer to be an ideal aid to appropriate selection of flap surgery in the individual patient. It will help in the achievement of satisfactory outcomes and will especially assist surgeons who lack the requisite specialized training and experience.

Author: Salah Rubayi
ISBN: 9783662453575
Pages: 283
Format: PDF
Size: 29.41 Mb


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