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Evidence-based Approach In Cataract Surgery

Who would have imagined our present abilities to remove cataracts using topical anesthesia, through a small, self-sealing incision and correcting vision by implantation of a foldable intraocular lens? As with every other field, rapid advances in the technology and clinical management in the practice of ophthalmology has changed the practice almost beyond recognition. Evidence-Based Approach Cataract Surgery pulls together scientific knowledge and literature on the latest advances in this field.The book covers recent developments, management of intraoperative complications, and prevention of postoperative endophthalmitis. Is also covers rare topics such as setting up an ideal ophthalmic operating room and instrument sterilization techniques. The inclusion of new techniques and approaches collected from peer-reviewed journals makes this book unique.

Author: Jay Bhopi
ISBN: 9781841844657
Pages: 176
Format: PDF
Size: 11.71 Mb


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