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Surgical Handicraft

Surgical Handicraft is a practical guide for interns, residents and practising surgeons. It serves as an instruction manual on best practice and preparations for surgery. The book is comprised of 33 chapters, initially covering the duties and responsibilities of house surgeons and residents, before detailing different techniques for best practice in a variety of areas, including sterile hand washing and gloving techniques, resuscitation of a patient, insertion of IV cannula, Ryles tube and Foley Catheter, local anaesthetics and nerve blocks and minor surgical procedures. Other important chapters include discussion on the MRSA super-bug, and the ‘Safe Surgery Saves Lives’ initiative from the World Health Organisation. Surgical site infections, the third most common cause for hospital-acquired infections, are fully discussed in a separate chapter, including Centre for Disease Control protocols, which address this problem.Surgical Handicraft includes 177 full colour images and illustrations and a step-by-step DVD-ROM illustrating four surgical techniques (bandaging, tube thoracostomy, insertion of central line, and venesection), making this book an ideal resource for those wishing to improve and gain confidence in their surgical preparations. Key Points *33 chapters covering various minor procedures in surgery *177 full colour images and illustrations * DVD-ROM featuring step-by-step guidance on four surgical techniques

Author: R. Dayananda Babu, P. G. R. Pillai, Ganesh Divakar
ISBN: 9789351527220
Pages: 278
Format: PDF
Size: 14.38 Mb


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