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Ultrasonography of the Abdomen

by Dr. Jan. J. Smulewicz Ultrasound imaging has reached a stage of sophistication where- by diagnostic information can be gained without discomfort to the patient and with complete absence of morbidity and mortality. The procedure is quick, safe, noninvasive and in many instances can supersede and obviate more time-consuming procedures requiring catheterization, injection of a contrast material, and radiographic imaging. In obstetrical problems the danger of ionizing radiation to the fetus is eliminated. In debilitated and very ill patients this simple and painless method becomes the procedure of choice. Unique features of ultrasound equipment allow for pinpoint local- ization oflesions and direct visual guidance of percutaneous puncture techniques for aspiration and biopsy. The accuracy of ultrasound guided punctures and the absence of side effects make this modality far superior to percutaneous invasive techniques performed with other imaging systems. Renal cyst puncture and amniocentesis are but two of the procedures in which ultrasonic guidance is the method of choice. v Dr.Hassani has throughly explained and carefully explored the wide variety of exam- inations available with ultrasound. The large volume of material and the clear interpre- tion makes this book of great interest to all of the medical profession. In addition to the existing methods available for diagnostic in- terpretations, this method of noninvasive diagnosis should find its way into every hospital or center where good medical care is provided. JanJ. Smulewicz, M.D.

Author: R. Bard, S. N. Hassani, R. Bard
ISBN: 9781461298717

Format: PDF
Size: 30.13 Mb


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