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Neurosurgical Aspects of Epilepsy

This volume contains the proceedings of a conference which discussed the surgical treatment of epilepsy. Contributors provided current reviews of the epileptic focus, the pathological focus, membrane electrophysiology of epileptiform activity, the pathophysiology of acute brain damage, neuropathology, the epidemiology of drug resistant epilepsy, the adverse effects of anti-epileptic drugs and post-marketing surveillance, controversies in post-traumatic epilepsy and epilepsy following neurosurgical intervention, and the role of prophylactic therapy. The principles of surgical treatment for epilepsy were discussed and selection criteria given, including electrophysiology, psychometry, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine and the long-term results of the various surgical techniques. The discussion questioned why few patients are operated on for epilepsy despite cogent arguments in favour of surgery, particularly when considered in the context of cost-benefit analysis and rehabilitation.

ISBN: 9783211822272
Pages: 144
Format: PDF
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