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Current Concepts in Bone Pathology

This title covers such topics as: Bone Tumor Radiology 101 for Pathologists; Update on Arthritis; Periprosthetic Infections; Bone Cytology: A Realistic Approach for Clinical Utilization; Benign Bone-Forming Tumors; Osteocarcoma Differential Diagnosis Considerations; Osteocarcoma Differential Diagnosis Considerations; Well-differentiated Cartilage Tumors; Chondrosarcoma Variants; Giant Cell Tumor: Overview and Update; Fibro-osseous Lesions; Rounc Cell Tumors; Vacular Tumors; Pseudotumors and Reactive Lesions; Practical Work-up of Metastatic Carcinoma; and, Update on Treatment of Bone Tumors.

Author: John D. Reith
ISBN: 9781455711567
Pages: 326
Format: PDF
Size: 35.25 Mb


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