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Joint Surgery Up to Date

Surgical management of joint problems has progressed drama- tically in the past few years. Clearer understanding of the patho- genesis of joint disorders and recent additions to our knowledge of joint mechanics have mage formerly unimagined procedures possible. Moreover, tremendous advancement in implant tech- nology offers us a wider variety of surgical procedures and a better chance of obtaining satisfactory results. At the same time, alternative bone-preserving procedures, such as osteotomy, in the weight-bearing joints are still of great significance in selected cases. In this context, it is clear that international collaboration and coordination of scientific endeavours is crucial. Over the last decade, thanks to the great assistance given by contributors to this book, we have tried to coordinate our endeavors on the interna- tional level without being restricted to our own societies. There- fore, it was fitting that the symposium was held in an effort to bring together experts in the field of joint surgery to share their specialized knowledge.We hoped that the free interchange of ideas would bring about an updated understanding and provide knowledge essential to the treatment of joint disease. KAzuSHI HIROHATA Table of Contents Introduction …1 Part 1. Recent Advances and Problems in Total Joint Replacement Biomechanics of Endoprostheses of the Hip and Adaptive Reactions of the Bone B. KUMMER…5 Management of Femoral Bone Stock Deficiency in Total Hip Replacement H. P. CHANDLER …19 …Bone Grafting of Acetabular Deficiencies in Total Hip Replacement A. H. WILDE, B. N. STULBERG …

Author: Kazushi Hirohata, Masahiro Kurosaka, T. Derek V. Cooke
ISBN: 9784431680987
Pages: 147
Format: PDF
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