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Atlas of Neurosurgical Anatomy

The author John L. Fox shares his many years of teaching and surgery through more than three hundred illustrations and photographs (including over one hundred in color). Dr. Fox has published many works on neuroscience and clinical neurosurgery and is well-known for his color images of live neurosurgical anatomy as viewed through the operating microscope. Historic techniques, instrumentation and positioning, photographic techniques, cranial anatomy and the cranial flap, and intracranial anatomy as seen from the frontolateral or pterional approach are clearly discussed and illustrated from the operating (right sided) surgeons’ perspective. The operations seen in this atlas for the main part involve aneurysms and some tumors. Directed toward neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, and anatomists, the book is intended to serve as an atlas of anatomy as well as a guide to clinical neurosurgery.

Author: John L. Fox
ISBN: 9780387968384

Format: PDF
Size: 25.87 Mb


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