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Acute Aortic Disease

Covering the pathophysiology, imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of aortic aneurysms and dissections, this source helps physicians effectively examine and evaluate affected individuals in clinical or emergency care settings. Offering a wide array of illustrations, x-rays, and operative photographs to emphasize key anatomic observations, this guide contains cutting-edge insight on the latest biologic, radiologic, clinical, and surgical developments that have taken place in the field. Presented in a reader-friendly format, this source provides end-of-chapter questions and a point-counterpoint format to analyze differing perspectives from renowned experts on these diseases. The Q & A and counterpoint involve the reader in an interactive interchange by opinion leaders.

Author: John A. Elefteriades
ISBN: 9780849370236
Pages: 368
Format: PDF
Size: 29.12 Mb


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