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Arterial Circulation

After yet another decade of leaming, experimenting, and inves- tigating since my first book, Arterial System Dynamics, the many new medical breakthroughs and technological advances have inspired me to write this book to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical applications. The application of physical principles and quantitative approaches to the understanding of the arterial circulation and its interactions with the heart in normal and diseased conditions form the basis of The Arterial Circulation. Knowledge of the physiology and rheology of arteries, as well as all of their structural-functional corre- lates, is a necessary prerequisite to the proper hemodynamic interpretatiqn of pressure-flow relations and the pulsatile transmis sion characteristics in different arteries. The natural coupling and interactions of the heart, the coronary circulation, and the arterial system necessitate analysis of alterations to global functioning. Modeling provides a tool for isolating and predicting parameter changes and is employed throughout the book. Experimental data are provided for model validations, and also for more realistic interpretations. Techniques and new methods for clinical hemo- dynamic measurement and diagnosis are included to help the reader un- derstand the physical principles underlying such abnormal cardiovascular functions as hypertension, stenosis, and myocardial ischemia. The progressive changes in vascular properties during aging are also discussed. Modem approaches utilizing computer mode ling and allomery are presented with selected examples, such as combined hypertension and aortic valve stenosis, and ventricular hypertrophy.

Author: John K-J Li
ISBN: 9781592590346

Format: PDF
Size: 31.13 Mb


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