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Facial Rejuvenation

Benefit from the experience and expertise of a skilled face-lift surgeon, Dr. Fritz E. Barton, in this outstanding book on facial rejuvenation. Written in a personal style that engages the reader, Dr. Barton shares his personal philosophy that a more extensive face lift is worth the effort if it delivers a highly consistent, long-lasting, and natural result. For him, that operation is the High-SMAS. Step-By-Step Descriptions This beautiful, four-color semi-atlas describes and illustrates every step leading to mastery of the High-SMAS face-lift procedure with tips and tricks scattered throughout. A detailed analysis of variations in different faces is provided, along with methods for approaching them surgically to help the surgeon individualize treatment. Comprehensive Coverage The book is divided into two parts. The first part, Basic Considerations, contains a wealth of information about topics ranging from office set-up and patient consultation to anatomy and anesthesia. The introductory chapter on the office contains valuable insights and suggestions to assist surgeons in dealing with issues of office planning, staffing, and effective office management.The second part, Procedures, includes step-by-step descriptions of operations for the forehead, eyes, face, and neck. To complement these technique chapters, the book also includes information on perioperative care and complications. Two extensive chapters on nonsurgical cosmetic treatments describe the various noninvasive treatments, such as lasers, botox and fillers, and various topical skin care options and how these can be combined with surgical rejuvenation to complete and enhance the overall result.

Author: Fritz Barton
ISBN: 9781576262788
Pages: 358
Format: PDF
Size: 37.67 Mb


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